Rogue Amoeba InstantOn Driver Installs

We recently had a request from a user to package the Piezo app so they could easily record Skype conversations and other computer audio. The user had been running the app from their home folder but then needed admin creds in order to install InstantOn - which is Rogue Amoeba’s audio driver that can instantly start recording audio from apps without restarting them. The app shows the dialog to install the driver under Install Extras… in the Piezo menu, and also if the user tries to record from an app whose audio stream it can’t immediately connect to.

Poking around in the app itself, I found a number of frameworks, including the ExtrasInstaller.framework which contained the driver itself and a binary called EchelonInstaller which looked promising:

$ ls -l /Applications/
total 232
[email protected] 1 ouit0354  staff  54352 28 Sep 18:45 EchelonInstaller
[email protected] 6 ouit0354  staff    204 28 Sep 18:45 English.lproj
[email protected] 1 ouit0354  staff   1134 28 Sep 18:45 Info.plist
[email protected] 4 ouit0354  staff    136 28 Nov 17:03 InstantOn
[email protected] 4 ouit0354  staff    136 28 Sep 18:45 SHVersion
[email protected] 1 ouit0354  staff   9702 28 Sep 18:45 alert_bubble.tiff
[email protected] 1 ouit0354  staff  13776 28 Sep 18:45 icon_instanton.tiff
[email protected] 1 ouit0354  staff  12626 28 Sep 18:45 icon_schedulehelper.tiff
[email protected] 1 ouit0354  staff   9734 28 Sep 18:45 install_bubble.tiff
$ ls -l /Applications/
total 1800
[email protected] 1 ouit0354  staff    2117 28 Sep 18:45 InstantOn.driver-Info.plist
[email protected] 1 ouit0354  staff  915360 28 Sep 18:45 InstantOn.driver.tgz

At first, I tried to poke the EchelonInstaller binary with strings and it certainly looked like it could take arguments such as install, uninstall and remove but every time I tried to run it I got a segmentation fault.

$ strings EchelonInstaller
Echelon installer tool running as %s:%s
Arguments: %@
No option was specified in the arguments %@
%@ %s%s
does not exist
 but isn't a directory?!?
No archive path was specified for install in the arguments %@
Missing archive file: %@
Archive file should not be a directory: %@
Unrecognized arguments for uninstall: %@
Trying to uninstall when not installed.
Unrecognized option in arguments %@
Removing %@
Error removing '%@': %@
Echelon installer reporting no error
Note: %@
The tool '%@' could not be launched
The tool '%@' crashed with arguments %@
The tool '%@' returned %d with arguments %@
Running %@ %@
    <task launch failed>

But the commands it runs seemed to be there - tar -xvzf, /usr/bin/chown root:wheel, killall coreaudiod etc., so I then tried to write a script that untarred the driver to the correct place, chown’d it and then killed coreaudiod. Hilarity ensued as I removed the audio outputs from my laptop. Also, InstantOn didn’t look that happy in the GUI and was complaining that it wasn’t compatible with my OS version.

A quick word with Tim Sutton and I discovered he’d also been writing scripts to automate Rogue Amoeba installs to VMs and he was poking EchelonInstaller to do so, having gone far further down the rabbithole and run newproc.d to see exactly what processes it was spawning. (Before you run off and look into newproc.d you should know that it’s part of the dtrace suite and therefore can’t be run with SIP enabled. You’ll need to disable SIP in order to get anything useful out of it.) Sure enough it was untarring, chowning and killing coreaudio but also setting up some LaunchDaemons that I’d missed.

Finally I realised I was getting the segfault because I was trying to run EchelonInstaller unprivileged, I ran it with sudo and finally, InstantOn reported back that it was successfully installed (and recording from all currently running apps worked.) So in the end all you need to do is use your favourite management tool to run something like this as a postinstall script:

"$EXTRAS/EchelonInstaller" install "$EXTRAS/InstantOn/InstantOn.driver.tgz"

Presumably this works with other Rogue Amoeba apps and their extras, so test at your convenience! Many thanks to Tim Sutton for his help with this post.

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